Accuformance Motors

About Us

The word “Accuformance“ is derived from Acura, Honda’s luxury/performance line, and the word “Performance” which is what we specialize in.

Our organization is formed of factory trained, Honda technicians and Accuformance, in house, trained technicians of whom took the step from the dealer to bring the public lower, independent prices at the same expertise and service level. We can do this because our overhead is not over-rated, like the dealer’s. In many cases, our service is superior to the dealer, mainly because the dealer has a higher turnover rate than the independent Honda service provider. This leaves the dealer with inexperienced technicians attempting to repair your vehicle.

We believe in the Honda saying, “We put the technology from our race cars on the road”; therefore, we study in-depth the race history and the actual cars for constant insight of what the engineers at Honda had in mind. This helps us to understand what the vehicle was designed to do, and how it should work under everyday stress. We keep many of the factory, Honda text, in house, for quick reference purposes, yet because these manuals are so costly, we choose a computer generated manual instead. This manual gives the exact information the factory manual does at a fraction of the cost. This is how we work to keep your prices down. The automotive industry in general is supplied with monthly information about many of the technical service updates and recalls, of which, one should be aware.

Finally, we have such an interest in the evolution of the Honda automobile , we take it upon ourselves to provide to our technicians other mediums in which to enlighten themselves to other technicians point of view; because the greatest challenge in automotive diagnostics, is how one approaches the problem.

Because we highly regard the strength and durability of the Honda produced automobile, we at Accuformance Motors pride ourselves in the use of Genuine Honda parts to keep your vehicle running in the best condition that it can run.